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Jon Rowe  BKin, CSCS, CEP, NCCP

Performance Enhancement Coach

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For over the past five years, Jon has been honing and improving his knowledge and skills as a strength coach. After graduating from the University of Calgary with his bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Exercise and Health Physiology, Jon has continued his education to achieve his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and his Certified Exercise Physiologist through CSEP.


Before becoming a strength coach, Jon’s athletic career consisted mostly of soccer, basketball, and volleyball, yet volleyball was his preferred sport. After playing Team BC for a number of years throughout high school, Jon played CIS volleyball for two universities and finished his playing career with one year of semi-professional volleyball in the second German league. Jon continues his love of the game by coaching for Kelowna’s local club, and has achieved his NCCP Level 2 for indoor volleyball.


Jon loves training volleyball players – but really ALL jumping athletes! Power development is a training attribute that he continues to research, and he desires to push all his clients to become more powerful and reach higher heights.


Jon has also focused his training skills on rehabilitation clients. These clients have ranged from car accident victims, to sports injuries, to cancer survivors, to plain and simple chronic pain clients. Believing that good, quality movement will lead to reduced stress on aggravated or injured tissue and place it on the right tissue, Jon’s individual and specialized assessments on posture and position will help guide you toward better movement, and most importantly, pain free movement.


You don’t have to be an athlete to train like one! If you want to improve your physical performance in any way, let’s have a talk and we’ll get you on your way!


Aspire Health & Performance is a sports science company devoted to the health and performance of each of our clients. What sets us apart in the training industry is our education and experience.


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