Good is the enemy of Great.

Tyler Sellars BHK, CFES PT

Performance Enhancement Coach

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Tyler grew up right here in Kelowna. While he didn’t grow up playing organized sports, he did discover at a young age that he had an affinity for martial arts and acrobatic disciplines. He spent countless teenage hours systematically breaking down the movements of parkour and the less-well-known practice of martial arts tricking. With determination, he taught himself to do handstands, vaults, flips, and twists through the air in his own backyard. Tyler also had the opportunity to study Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Japanese jujutsu, in Canada’s first high school mixed martial arts program. His practice of these various sports continues to be fueled by his love of doing feats he previously thought were out of reach.

Tyler seeks to help people reach their highest potential through training and movement. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics with a focus in clinical exercise physiology from the University of British Columbia Okanagan. To expand his ability to help others he is constantly pursuing further knowledge of the best training methodologies, and even before graduating university he began attending some of the highest quality continuing education seminars and workshops available.

His passion is for teaching and for analyzing human movement as a whole; he believes that both health and the highest levels of performance are built upon a solid foundation of quality motor control, movement patterns, and strength. Using this approach, he focuses on helping a person enjoy and become better at general movement first, strategically setting them up to achieve their goals.

As a growing strength and conditioning coach, Tyler teaches a wide variety of peopleathletes, rehabilitation clients, and anyone else looking to unlock more of their potential. He holds health and performance in high regard, but whatever your goal, he wants you to experience firsthand the excitement of doing something you previously thought you couldn’t do.

He will help you discover your limitations and train you to go beyond them.


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