The Secret Benefit of Practicing Handstands (and Other Skills)

There is magic in learning tricks.

I could (and likely will as time goes on) write pages upon pages about the gains to be had from practicing the handstand. In terms of developing physical qualities, it’s awesome. Simply looking at the position our bodies maintain when we handstand it becomes somewhat obvious that balance, control, mobility, […]

New Year, New You?

It’s that time of year that we will invariably see an overload of social media posts claiming “New Year, New You”.  To this I say malarkey.

New Year’s resolutions.  We’ve all made them.  We’ve all broken them.  It’s the time of year where we take stock in our deficiencies while we wallow in our self-induced hyperglycemic […]

Dear Santa, If You Want to Fit Down That Chimney…

The Christmas season is upon us and I, for one, am pretty sure that that posterior shelf I have going on is more Egg Nog Latte and Bliss Bar than glute max at the moment, so it’s go time people.   These are 5 habits that I try to incorporate into my daily routine and help […]

A Means to an End

These past few weeks have been challenging, to say the least. My family and I were hit with some difficult family news that sharply put things into perspective. With what has occurred and what will occur in the next weeks or months has made me expand my thoughts beyond the mundane day to day goings […]

Wasted Gains: The Effects of Alcohol on Training Performance

I don’t care what level you train at. Weekend warrior, elite athlete: it makes no difference. You should be aware of the effects alcohol can have on the human body and performance. Why bring this up now?  We are all currently experiencing the mad crush of Christmas parties and celebrations tinsel laden and spirit soaked. […]

Resolution 911

It’s January 30th, 2015, and according to statistics, approximately 8% of you that brought in the New Year with empowering declarations that 2015 was in fact ‘your year’, have actually stuck to your resolutions. The rest of us that stood there by you confetti laden and champagne soaked have not.

So why bother?

Goals setting is imperative […]