Indoor Golf Program

“Going to the gym is great for your body, but it’s also great for your mind.” —Rory McIlroy

“Golf fit to the modern golf coach is the ability to have mobility and stability in the responsible body segments to allow the golfer to put the golf club in biomechanically and technically correct positions for optimal contact with the ball. The primarily focus on becoming golf fit through functional exercises allows the sport to be played injury free, as well as reactive, unconscious and powerful – after strength and speed training is introduced further down the road.”

Chris Trunzer

Chris hasn’t just played golf, he has lived golf. Really.

He had an outstanding amateur career followed by 10 years playing professional golf all over the globe. On his journey he has collected triumphs, scars, mentors, experiences. Years of lessons learned and, like anyone, lessons yet to be learned. He is aware of the wealth of knowledge he can bring to the table, but fully embraces the power of surrounding himself and his students with a team of topnotch specialists for the different areas of the game.

He knows what it means to be the one holding the club, having to make the shot, and knows that things are easier said than done. As much encouraging as a golfer needs, he believes a healthy dose of honesty can go a long way. The only way we can really improve is if we are truly aware of what we need to work on, a role Chris is ready to play for those who are serious about becoming the best golfer they can be.

Brandon Raine

Brandon, originally from Toronto, earned a degree in Exercise Science while playing division 1 College Golf in the US where he lead his team to a conference championship as team captain.

In 2017 he received his Titleist Performance Institute certification. During his internship with Chris and at Aspire Performance, he supervised off season training sessions of NHL players under the guidance of one of the top conditioning coaches in the country – Shane Pizzey. Since then he took over the lead coaching role for golf specific workouts of Gallagher Canyon’s complex junior program.

Brandon is a truly motivated individual, who is intrinsically driven to become a better coach every day.

Shane Pizzey

Shane’s specialty is in working with speed and power sports including hockey, football,
soccer and basketball. His extensive experience in the coaching field has been highlighted by stops at 2 National Sports Institutes (Canada and Malaysia) as well as being a testing specialist for the Calgary Flames and Hockey Canada. His clients include Olympians, NHL and pro hockey players, junior athletes from all sports, and active lifestyle clients.

Shane uses his vast knowledge of exercise physiology to create training programs that will meet the specific needs of all clients. His Graduate Degree in exercise physiology has given him the ability to understand the interaction of all the body’s systems to produce harmonized health. Whether your goal is to improve overall heath, increase your energy levels or lose a few pounds, Shane will have the answer for you.

Group Fitness Training for Kelowna’s Golf Community

October – March
$49 / initiation fee
$79 / 5 month commitment
$99 / single month

• 3 supervised group workout sessions with Aspire coaching team

• Discounted rates for K-Motion swing training

• Preferred pricing for initial assessment with Golf Medical Professional Dr. Lars Seitzinger

• Full Aspire gym membership

• Preferred pricing for initial assessment with Golf Medical Professional Dr. Lars Seitzinger

• Full Aspire gym membership

Feel What a Pro Golfer Feels with Biofeedback Technology

October – March
$500* / month
$400* / month with Brandon Raine
*Further discounted for Training Club members

• Get as many swing lessons in as possible for a flat fee

• Preferred pricing for initial assessment with Golf Medical Professional Dr. Lars Seitzinger

• Full Aspire gym membership

Athleticism / Swing Development

Camp 1: Nov 5 – Dec 8
Camp 2: Feb 11 – March 16
$500 / camp

• Two 5 week winter camps / pre season development program

• 8h training/week

• Golf Body Movement Screen (Mobility/Stability/Power)

• Group training with Aspire coaching team

• Unlimited access to Junior Hitting Bay hours (including training with Boditrak/K-Vest/Trackman)

• Speed Class included

• Preferred pricing for 3D Motion Capture Day

• Preferred pricing for initial assessment with Golf Medical Professional Dr. Lars Seitzinger

• Full Aspire gym membership

Swing Assessment / Golf Body Screen / K-Vest

$250 / $200 with Brandon Raine
• Movement Screen / golf swing assessment / personalized exercises / 1 coaching session / 4 week membership at Aspire

$125 / $85 with Brandon Raine
• K-Vest / Boditrak / Trackman

$75 / $50 Training Club member
• Upload your program & enjoy perfect practice

More Information

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