The Injuries of Days Past

Why is it that injuries can be difficult to overcome? And other injuries seem to linger around for the rest of your life like that old football knee?

When you get injured everyone only seems to focus on the actually injury itself whether it be a sprain, muscle tear, dislocation of a joint, or getting in […]

If You Ever Find Yourself In The Wrong Story…

Yesterday I was struggling to write a blog that left me feeling uninspired and every single edited version frustrated me further.  I started scrolling through Facebook and clicked on a link on a friend’s timeline and these words grabbed me by the throat and I found myself crying…

“You’re allowed to leave any story that you […]

Do No Harm

I recently conducted an assessment on a client who had been through some pretty amazing circumstances. On three separate occasions she was t-boned on the driver’s side, all by drunk drivers, and as she was trying to get back into being physically active, she went through three separate personal trainers. The first trainer thought she […]

When A Strength Coach Becomes A Joint Mechanic…

“I played everything. I played lacrosse, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field. I was a big believer that you played hockey in the winter and when the season was over you hung up your skates and played something else.”~Wayne Gretzky
As if this quote from The Great One isn’t enough to get your attention! This topic […]

Why I Don’t Motivate People…

It has long been discussed in the training industry that part of our job is to motivate people.  It is proposed that people pay us to provide them with the motivation to achieve their goals.  I am going on record right here to say that I don’t motivate people.  In fact, I stopped trying to […]

How Big Is Your But?

You read that right.

Lately I’ve been trying to find some balance.  I struggle with where I am in my life and it’s in these moments that I am forced to visit my past and realize that everything I have now I never believed I would.

When I left everything that I knew and went back to […]

Ever Had Your Nuts Crushed?

I love squatting.  I want you to think a little bit differently about it for this post.


All my clients do it during our course of training because of its applicability to everyday living, and its translation to vertical jump performance for my volleyball athletes. We all find ways to naturally squat as we have to […]

The Science and Art Of Coaching

FMS.  SFMA.  PRI.  DNS.  NKT.  Most reading this blog will have no idea what these letters stand for, nor any clue on how they can be beneficial to them.  To clarify, these are acronyms for some of the most popular certifications available to us in the health & performance industry.  It is clear that formal […]

Here’s A New One

This one goes out to the lifters who are having trouble with exercise selection. This will be just a quick tip to help you narrow your focus in the weight room.

Strength training can take on many different identities however the core focus should always be the same. MOVEMENT QUALITY. Our bodies have the innate ability […]

Introducing Precision Nutrition Pro Coach

As I sat down to write this blog, I came across a post I wrote just over a year ago and my heart smiled.  I remember exactly how I felt the day I wrote it and I still feel that way about my team.  Every day the affinity to them grows stronger.

The words are simple, […]