Magnesium: The Mineral Wallflower

Magnesium is the wallflower of minerals.  Nobody acknowledges its existence.  Does it ever cross your mind?  “I can’t seem to sort myself, and I’m sleeping like crap. Maybe it’s my magnesium intake.”  False.  You’ve never said that.

Why should you care?  Not only is magnesium a mineral, it is also an essential electrolyte.  That means it […]

Crossfit for Hockey: Why It’s Not a Good Fit

Today’s guest blog post is brought to us from Anthony Donskov of Donskov Strength & Conditioning based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Anthony’s model of training very closely resembles ours here at Aspire Health & Performance.  I have followed Anthony’s blog for a while and I am constantly picking up a few things on how to make […]

Choosing a Quality Off-Season Hockey Program

For those lucky few hockey players that are still playing right now in the playoffs, or Provincial Championships for Minor Hockey, congratulations.  For the majority, the season has come to an end, and attention has been shifted to next season.
Next season starts now.
The off-season is a great time to add more layers on to a […]

Wasted Gains: The Effects of Alcohol on Training Performance

I don’t care what level you train at. Weekend warrior, elite athlete: it makes no difference. You should be aware of the effects alcohol can have on the human body and performance. Why bring this up now?  We are all currently experiencing the mad crush of Christmas parties and celebrations tinsel laden and spirit soaked. […]