Is it Wrong to be Strong… In-Season?


You worked really hard during the off-season to make the physical gains necessary to improve your game. You made the team that you wanted, now what?

Do not let all of your hard work in the summer go to waste. In-season training for developing hockey players is as important as the off-season. If you think about […]

Dear Santa, If You Want to Fit Down That Chimney…

The Christmas season is upon us and I, for one, am pretty sure that that posterior shelf I have going on is more Egg Nog Latte and Bliss Bar than glute max at the moment, so it’s go time people.   These are 5 habits that I try to incorporate into my daily routine and help […]


Why am I not losing weight, I train so hard? I thought physical activity was supposed to increase my energy levels, not make me tired?

Believe it or not, it could be something as simple as your sleeping pattern that is stopping you from getting to your end goal. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ or ‘the […]