Client Testimonials

I have been working with Shane for over 10 years and he has constantly found ways to evolve and improve my training every year. Shane has great knowledge of the game which allows him to translate specific training exercises in a gym setting to enhance on-ice performance. I would recommend Shane to anyone looking to improve their off-ice regimen.

Shea Weber, Montreal Canadiens

Shane Pizzey has been hands down one of the most important and influential people I’ve met and worked with throughout my NHL career. Without Shane and his knowledge and expertise of the body and knowing how to maximize an athlete’s potential, I wouldn’t have played in over 800 NHL games. Shane identified my weaknesses and built a plan to help me improve on them. He maximized my strengths and turned them into a weapon on the ice. As I’ve gotten older and dealt with injuries and aging, Shane has seamlessly helped me adapt my training to help me achieve longevity and injury prevention. Shane is hardworking, a good person, and a great friend, and he’s always pushing me to be the best I possibly can. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

Blake Comeau, Dallas Stars

Shane was my strength coach for the better part of 12 years while I was playing in the NHL. I really could not have asked for someone better. He gives great attention to detail, getting to know exactly how my body works and didn’t work, and knowing how to get the most out of my training while dealing with injuries (and there were a lot of them). Shane really takes the time to understand his clients and their personal needs, as well as finding ways to push myself and the others in our group to get the absolute maximum out of each one of us. I can honestly say my career would not have been as long or nearly as successful if I did not have Shane by my side year after year. In my mind he’s one of the best strength and conditioning coaches you can find!

Josh Gorges, Montreal Canadiens (retired)

Heading into my second season with the Edmonton Oil Kings, I decided to train with Shane in the summer leading up to camp. Shane’s approach is sport-specific and athlete-specific. Shane takes enormous pride in his athletes and their strength and conditioning. It was great to have him always available for questions and feedback, and to have him focused on my training plan and ensuring that I was getting the most out of our workouts. Thanks Shane for doing what you do, so I can continue to get better at what I do!!

Jalen Luypen, Edmonton Oil Kings

I have been working with Andrew for 5 years now and he continues to take me to new levels each summer. He blends his knowledge and expertise with an ability to relate to his athletes and focus on what the individual needs. Myself included. There is no way I would be at the point I am with my hockey career if it wasn’t for Andrew. Whether it is functional movements, rehab, learning new techniques, or just strength building, Andrew is incredibly knowledgeable and has been a huge aid in my off-season training. I have grown as an athlete and as an individual from working with Andrew. Every summer we get to the point where I feel like I am being pushed to the edge, and helping me through all the ups and downs is Andrew and the Aspire team. Huge thanks to them for helping me pursue my goals.

Wyatt McLeod, Edmonton Oil Kings

Shane Pizzey and Aspire Health & Performance have created an environment in which athletes can’t help but improve. The extremely personalized, sport-specific programs and instant feedback make Aspire a cutting edge training facility where an athlete can go to become the best they can be.

Lexi Bedier, Ohio State Women’s Hockey Commit

My time spent at Aspire has been nothing but amazing. For the past 5 years I had numerous injuries that, over time, limited my mobility which affected my abilities when it came to games and practices. When I first came to the Okanagan I was super nervous of the extra workload I was about to put my body through.
Andrew Locurto has been one of the first people I had met during my time in the Okanagan. Following extensive conversations regarding my lower back, knees, shoulders, and ankles Andrew had programs and exercises made specific for my injury-prone body within the next week. He had worked with me tirelessly in order to get me right for the season, but it didn’t stop there, he also helped extremely when it came to the off season. Throughout these programs and workouts I was finally able to perform movements that I was once unable to get anywhere close to. My lower back had been a main area of concern at the beginning, having been to many physiotherapists and chiropractors along the way I had given up on trying to find a solution. With Andrew’s help I was able to get to work and strengthen my lower back rather than continue to sit and let it heal on its own. I was finally able to work on prevention of injuries rather than constant physical rehab. Not to mention, the team workouts had been a great time for everyone, he has this way of keeping people motivated and pushing the best out of people, no matter what mood they may have started with. Along with being a varsity student-athlete there were many mental battles along the way. Being able to talk to someone else had been a huge relief among others. Without having Andrew work with me; constantly fixing my form, having me do different variations of exercises, or something as simple as having someone to vent to, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today, both physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone coming to the Okanagan looking to get right and get better!

Sapna Deo, OC Coyotes

My name is Trajan Boyd and for the last three years I have been a player for the Okanagan College Coyotes men’s basketball team. Throughout these three years I have constantly been learning and growing my game and a lot of that is thanks to Andrew. Andrew not only provides a top of the line workout routine that directly correlates to basketball but he’s also willing to explain why each exercise will benefit your basketball skills. Before I met Andrew I thought the only way to get stronger was through generic workout routines but Andrew showed us that you don’t have to be lifting absurd amounts of weight to be getting stronger. In my eyes the best part about his training was that I got significantly stronger without sacrificing any mobility which is hard to do with other programs. Last summer Andrew provided us with a 4 day workout plan and I stuck to it for the entire summer and the results were astounding. I went from about 175 lbs to around 190-195 depending on the day, without losing any mobility and with my athleticism at an all time high. I would personally recommend Andrew to anybody who is looking for a program built to make you a better basketball player, because that is what his program did for me. I still use his programs to this day and will never go back to an ordinary workout routine. This program has helped me exponentially and I would urge all basketball players that are looking to make a jump in their game this summer that they try Andrew’s program.

Trajan Boyd, OC Coyotes

Roughly two years ago I was blessed by meeting a man named Andrew LoCurto. Not only is he just a great guy and trainer, I met him at the perfect time. I was 3 months post ACL reconstruction and from the moment I met Andrew he was on my team. Right away he had his eyes on the same goal as me. Getting me back on the court, FULLY healthy and stronger than I was before. Andrew provided me with so much support through the remaining 6 months of rehab, whether it was getting me on track with the proper workouts or motivating me through the tough days that a 9 month rehab can bring. While working with me to reach full strength and clearance to play basketball again, Andrew also worked with our teams tirelessly to provide incredible strength and agility programs to make sure we were in the best shape possible going into the season. Another great thing about Andrew is that he never stops learning! He has learned how to make us bouncy and quick in the off season and then adjusts our programs for the season to keep our joints in the best shape possible. Andrew and the Aspire family truly care about their athletes and are willing to do whatever it takes to help us find success! And for that, thank you!!

Taya Vissia, OC Coyotes Basketball

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Andrew for the past 3 years. His knowledge, passion, focus, and enthusiasm with our players and coaching staff has been tremendous. One of the biggest and most important characteristics of Andrew and something that makes him special is his ability to create a positive and lasting relationship with each of our players, creating a positive culture to simply be a better athlete and person. This is something that is huge for our OC program.

Coach Dino Gini, OC Coyotes

The Aspire environment is a positive environment where you can succeed whether you are training for sports, rehabilitation, or wanting to improve your health.

Personally, I have been training at Aspire with Shane Pizzey for 5+ years. He is energetic, pays attention to detail and is driven to help me reach maximum results.

Shane’s expertise, guidance, and individualized training guarantee results. I highly recommend Shane Pizzey Health and Performance to you; it is a game changer!

Keltie Jeri-Leon, Seattle Thunderbirds

I’ve been working with Shane for 9 years now and over the course of that time a lot has happened. From being a kid trying to compete in the WHL, to becoming an NHL regular, Shane has been with me every step of the way. His attention to detail and understanding of the game’s trends has created a very innovative way to train, which allows me to maximize my speed and strength to tap into my full athletic potential. Not only does Shane supply a professional workout program, but he explains what each exercise is, and why it is integrated into the program. This gives every athlete knowledge into what is being accomplished throughout the session. Shane provides a very welcoming, safe, fun, and competitive work space while having access to all the top end equipment needed to stay healthy and perform your best. Over the years we have seen many achievements and personal bests along with growing a friendship that will last a lifetime, and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish year after year. Whether you are training for sports, rehabbing an injury or just wanting to live a healthy life, I highly recommend Shane Pizzey to you.

Curtis Lazar, Buffalo Sabres

Shane Pizzey and the staff at Aspire Health & Performance work with athletes to make them the best they can be. They create personalized workouts and an environment that brings the best out of you. Shane Pizzey’s training knowledge and dedication is second to none and a valuable person to have in your corner.

Jackson Desouza, Kelowna Rockets

There have been many influences who have helped me in my progress as a hockey player, but Shane Pizzey has played a huge role both in and out of the gym. I was not drafted into the WHL, but I was listed by the Kelowna Rockets in camp just prior to my first year of major midget. During my second year of midget I signed with the Rockets and played ten affiliate games with them. I was also named a BCMML all-star and led the league in points my second year. A huge part of my development has been Shane Pizzey. I first trained with Shane at Pursuit of Excellence during my first year of Bantam. I went to the Okanagan Hockey Academy for my second year, but started soon after again with Shane at Aspire Health & Performance. Shane pushed me to get better and I went into the WHL Rockets camp with confidence and at the top of my game. I was listed and I continued to train with Shane during that first season at BCMML. Shane trained me hard the following summer and I had the best season of my career; I owe a lot of that success to the strength and confidence I gained with Shane. I am now preparing to make the jump to the WHL. Shane has always made time for me, both in the gym and away, and provided helpful insight into my hockey decisions. He has shown a genuine interest in my development as a hockey player and I will be forever grateful for his impact on my hockey development.

Dylan Wightman, Kelowna Rockets

I have been training with Shane for over a year now and it has been one of the best decisions that I have made, not only as an athlete but as a person as well. Shane and the entire staff at Aspire are some of the most genuine and helping people around, always pushing me to be a better athlete and person in general. At the start of working with Shane over a year ago I was more of a slow pudgy kid who had no confidence and constant nagging hip and shoulder injuries that never seemed to go away. I couldn’t even do a lunge. But now I can do a lunge with upwards of 200lbs on my back and have confidence doing it. Even a few weeks into training with Shane I felt differences in things such as the quality of my sleep and my focus at school. Over the course of the summer and now into early this year, Shane constantly worked with me every day to finally get rid of these injuries and strengthen specific areas so that the chance of recurring injury is drastically reduced. Not only has he done that, but he has created an environment in the Aspire training centre that is one of a family. Everywhere you look there is going to be people laughing and enjoying their time, but also pushing each other to get that 1 km/h faster on the treadmill, or to add that extra 10lbs on their lift. That’s what makes this place and Shane so good to be around. He has made Aspire a place that you want to be and enjoy going to because of how hard you can be pushed to limits that you didn’t even expect you could, but also being able to enjoy doing it. A thing that you will notice right away when you walk into the gym is how clean and well-kept it is, as well as being a super inviting atmosphere. Every coach that works at Aspire is there because they want to see athletes grow and develop. Shane will stop what he is doing and walk over to a person that he isn’t working with, and help them correct their form or show them a tip to get more out of each rep. I have talked to kids who dread going to the gym or seeing their trainers, but at Aspire it’s the opposite. It’s something that I look forward to every day no matter what I have had to deal with at home or school.

Kailus Green, Okanagan Rockets

I have been working with Shane every summer for the last 12 years when my pro career began. He has been instrumental in my training to help me advance from junior to the minors, NHL, and European leagues. As I have grown as a player, Shane has been able to adjust my program through various injuries and roles I have played with many different teams. His program is always evolving with modern training techniques to keep me at the top of my game.

Aaron Gagnon, Langnau Tigers (Swiss A)

I’ve been coming to Shane for the past 5 years. His impact on where I am today is huge. Shane has the knowledge and ability to transform training styles based on your sport/lifestyle. With his attitude and work ethic he has been able to change and adapt my style of training based on the way hockey is played today. With that expertise he has always had me in optimal shape for the start of every season.

Justin Kirkland, Calgary Flames

From juniors to pro to winning a Championship Andrew helped me every step of the way. With professionalism and constructive criticism, he works with you towards a goal enabling you to pursue the next one. Giving you the individual development you need, he provides you with the keys to do what you love on the highest level. At the end Andrew’s main goal is for you to have a long, healthy, and consistent career which is the ultimate goal for every Pro-Athlete. Thank you Andrew for all you’ve done!

Fabio Arnold

Shane has shown intense dedication to training high performance athletes while using sport-specific movements for success. His strength and speed training techniques have allowed me to elevate my game, and I wouldn’t be the hockey player I am today without Shane. I’ve been training with Shane for 3 years, and he’s helped me gain strength and muscle mass to be ready for the bantam, midget, and junior hockey divisions as I have progressed through them. For my game, which focuses a lot on being a forward with high speed and skill that needs to compete often against bigger bodies, his program has taken my speed and increased it dramatically, and taken my strength and endurance to levels that allow me to excel and compete with confidence.

Quinn Paterson, Merritt Centennials

I trained with Shane during the summer after suffering a severe injury in my previous season. His training methods allowed me to regain confidence in my body’s abilities. My speed and strength were elevated in a short amount of time. Not only is he very knowledgeable but also a great coach and I’d highly recommend training with him to reach your goals!

Calvin Thurkauf, Columbus Blue Jackets

I have worked with Shane for 8 years. As a pro hockey player, I have put my trust in Shane to bring the best out of me every day. His approach of always new ways to get better and the science behind each training session has helped me achieve a strong and healthy body over the course of my career.

Brett Bulmer, Freiburg EHC (Germany)

I worked with Andrew for 2 years and he was a huge part of me getting a scholarship/commitment from Arizona State University. I had a bad knee and Andrew was great helping me with rehab and building my strength. I never had to miss a game while I was in the BCHL. His training also made me a lot stronger and faster which brought great improvements on the ice. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done. Best strength coach in the Okanagan! I will be back…

Matthew Kopperud, Hockey ASU


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