Client Testimonials

Shane helped me improve my speed, strength and quickness beyond what I thought possible. My off-season training has allowed me to compete at the highest level of hockey.

Shea Weber, Nashville Predators

Working with Shane for the past 5 years has improved my power and quickness, and brought my game to a level I didn’t even know I had!” Shane opened my eyes to what it takes to train, in order to be playing at the highest level possible. He made me stronger, faster and more powerful. He’s a great coach and friend and has been instrumental in my hockey career.

Blake Comeau, Pittsburgh Penguins

I’m very lucky to have had the privilege to have worked with Shane Pizzey in my summer training for 5 years now. I know the importance of training in the off season, but after working with Shane he has taken me to a whole new level in my training, which has translated into my performance on the ice. He is the real deal and understands what it takes to be at the top.

Josh Gorges, Buffalo Sabres

Over the past 3 off-seasons working with Shane, I have noticed tremendous
improvements in my strength on and off the ice. Being a smaller player, Shane helped me over come the size factor by making me one of the strongest players on my team. I owe a lot to Shane and his programs for getting me to the next level. Shane’s programs work, plain and simple

Derek Bacon, Bentley University

I first met Shane in spring ’06 and asked him to create a program for me that would help me reach my fitness goals – primarily to meet the minimum standards set out to get on with the local police service. His unique methods and creative ways of helping me reach this goal coupled with his determination to see me succeed are but a few of his great qualities as a trainer. With his ability to analyze and focus on my weaknesses and his eagerness to push me to my limits, training with Shane was NEVER a waste of my time!

Lena Chernecki

Just one call… has transformed my health and well being! As a new empty nester and after retiring from a very busy 35 year career, I knew I needed to make a long overdue, committed and dedicated time to fitness and health. Incremental moments, such as taking the first step to the registration desk and hiring Shane Pizzey to design a personalized three day circuit program and honouring a personal initiative to be a frequent member has been so remarkably invigorating! I am grateful to Shane for my established, manageable targets, in areas of balance, strength and endurance. I am particularly enjoying the camaraderie of meeting other members and I am thrilled with the personal reward of tracking improved results

Brenda Leimert

Working with Shane, every session brought something new to do. The exercises weren’t just bench press and squats, but exercises that could relate to hockey. I liked how Shane made working out more fun and it made me stronger and quicker as a hockey player.

Sean Tyler

Shane took me on without experience in Fitness competitions but you would never know. In 2 months of training with Shane he made me improve in every single one of my events. He made me faster, stronger, more agile, improved reaction time and decreased recovery time! What defines an exceptional Fitness Expert is not only that his program design works but that they are receptive to when you need to be pushed past your comfort zone and when you need to be pulled back. Shane has taken me to a level that I never imagined I could ever be at and Ill never go back!

Stacey Boyer

Shane Pizzey has guided me to be the best athlete I can possibly be over the past 5 years. Whether I’m looking to gain muscle or lengthen and increase the speed of my stride, Shane has always been there to guide me whatever my goal is and to gain the most I can out of my body. Shane is the most knowledgeable and professional Strength Coach I have ever met and I would highly recommend him to any serious athlete looking to take their sport to the highest possible level.

Josh Cook, Great Britain U20 National Team

Shane Pizzey started training my son, Tyler Linttell three years ago. Tyler’s results steadily increased in over 20 different types of speed, strength and agility tests. I was so encouraged by his improvement that I decided to start training just over a year ago. Not only do I feel stronger and healthier, but I also lost 10 lbs.

I encouraged my other two children, Ashley and Ryan, to train as part of a sports group using their coaches. In this way, they receive sport specific training with their peers at a reduced rate; Ashley trains with a volleyball group and Ryan with a basketball group. They really enjoy the social element and value the opportunity to work hard towards their personal goals. Tyler is now playing CIS basketball at Trinity Western University. Shane helped make Tyler’s dream a reality; but, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from this program.

Finally, I encouraged my husband to start a training program. I told him, “The next part of my life is going to be an adventure and if you want to keep up, you had better get into shape!” Now, the whole family is training and I would encourage you to do so as well if you want to get the most out of life.

Eva Lintell

I have always been someone that has been physically active with sports and working out, but after going traveling for 3 months to South America I came back 12lbs heavier. I am 5’1″ so 12 lbs on someone my size is a fairly significant amount of weight to be carrying around. I also have always hated my legs & arms as they are the place where all of my weight goes.

I have been working with Shane as my trainer for about two years with my soccer club on a weekly basis but after my trip I decided that I really wanted to lose the weight I had put on and then some. I started training with Shane at the beginning of February on a daily basis up until June and over the course of the five months that I have been working with him I have dropped 14lbs and decreased by body fat by 5%. This is the best shape I have been ever. Working with Shane has given me the motivation to live a healthier balanced life style.

Samantha Charlebois

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