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Training is a systematic approach used by sport scientists and the best athletes in the world. Each training session is designed to have a specific purpose and each session has an effect on subsequent sessions. Working out is using random exercises and shows no thought on progression or impact on your fitness. Training will lead to results much more quickly than simply working out.
Absolutely not. We welcome clients who have never stepped foot in a gym before as well as clients who play professional sports. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves the same caliber of training, regardless of what your fitness level or experience is. No matter what your reason for seeing us is, we will help you achieve your goals.
The training that you receive will depend on many factors. We don’t have a magic book that tells us to train Client X in a certain way. We will tailor your training to what it is that you have told us, as well as what your body has told us. Just like a good tailor, it takes many visits and adjustments to get the right fit. Training properly is a long term process, but in the end, just like a good suit, it makes the world of difference.
That’s the easy part. Now that you’ve made the commitment to your health, you’re just a phone call away. Contact us and we will set up a consultation with one of our coaches to decide how best to proceed. You’re almost there.
We have many different packages that will allow flexibility for you to select a schedule that suits you best. We have learned in the past that those who have made the commitment to their training will achieve their results more quickly. For this reason, all of our training packages have a timeline for their use.


Unfortunately the personal training industry is not very well regulated and there are many people who call themselves trainers. While some are very good, others may have just read a book and mailed in a cheque for their “certification”. What difference does this make? Nothing, if you aren’t interested in results. Our coaches have received the best levels of education as well as very valuable hands on experience with all ranges of clients. Our experience and knowledge gives us the leg up and you the results that you want.

Aspire Health & Performance

What sets us apart is our true desire to deliver results to our clients. Some call us obsessed, we prefer to think of ourselves as overly diligent. Either way you look at it, you win.

Aspire Health & Performance is a sports science company devoted to the health and performance of each of our clients. What sets us apart in the training industry is our education and experience.


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