Good is the enemy of Great.

Jenna Sabino BKin, CSCS

Performance Enhancement Coach

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Jenna grew up in Terrace B.C., and unlike many others didn’t find her passion for fitness in team sports, or even at a young age. After high school, Jenna discovered the weight room and free weights, which gave rise to a love for powerlifting. She has competed in powerlifting at the local, regional, and national level and won several best lifter awards.

Jenna wants to help her clients use a solid base of strength to compliment their own training, whether it be athleticism, strength, or general fitness. She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Honors from the University of Victoria in 2018, where she also helped in a research project examining gait and falling in older adults. Jenna is certified through NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as registered as a Kinesiologist with the BCAK.

With a passion for teaching and analyzing individual parts of movement, Jenna believes that quality movement patterns and proper technique are the building blocks of any healthy and long-lasting strength program. Movements that aren’t executed correctly are a recipe for disaster.

As a strength and conditioning coach Jenna works with a variety of individuals, from rehab clients to athletes of all types, to help them reach their individual goals. You’re never too young or too old to get stronger and move better.


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