“Be careful what you say, he might make your lift harder!”

“That doesn’t look like it hurts enough.”

“Do you enjoy watching me in pain?”

These are all things that a strength and conditioning coach will hear over the course of a work week. What is it about the exercising population that thinks their coach enjoys pain? I am here to help put these sadistic views to rest.

I have never, in my career developed or went through a training program with even the slightest intention of inflicting pain or anticipating a pain response from my client. If you are working with a coach or trainer that plans around punishment, you are in a bad situation.

Now does this mean my programs are easy? On the contrary! I make sure my athletes get the butt kicking that they need to be successful and reach their individual goals. Do I enjoy the look of hard work, grit, and determination? You bet your ass I do! Every time I see that look, I know my athlete is in the process of breaking down both mental and physical boundaries. We have just experienced progress. The satisfaction did not come from watching them ‘hurt’, it came from watching them overcome.

In my experience, the immense feeling of success upon completing a tough training session strongly defeats that of a ‘I’m just going to take it easy today’ session. That tough session will induce a pain response from the system that forces you to either fold or conquer, and when that day comes, step up to the plate. Have your coach there to encourage this victory, not enjoy the look on your face. It’s about progress. Surround yourself with the right people and you will find that motivation to work your tail off to reach that destination you have set out for.

If you are looking for good coaching, or are second guessing your current training atmosphere, consider your coaches motivators for program design. There is nothing professional about coaching pain.


Andrew LoCurto BKin, CSCS, CPT

Strength and Conditioning Coach