Running a half marathon is an incredible goal that we have helped many of our clients achieve. Training to run 21.1km can be a daunting task. Often even more frightening than the training (don’t worry, we can make that fun) is race day. For the first time runner it can be extremely nerve racking. For the experienced runner wishing to place well, the pressure they place on themselves often takes the fun out of the race. So how does one run a half marathon that showcases Kelowna’s amazing scenery, is centered around a fun running experience, and blends all of this with a social conscience? Enter the first annual Aspire Health & Performance Hungry Hungry Half.

When I was first approached by Sarah Carson, the brainchild behind the Hungry Hungry Half, I was blown away with her level of enthusiasm and commitment to create a truly memorable experience for the participants, along with highlighting and raising funds for amazing cause, the Kelowna Community Food Bank. Each of the tenants that Sarah and the Hungry Hungry Half so proudly espouse align perfectly with those of Aspire Health & Performance. We could not be more proud to be associated with such a great team of dedicated organizers and a very worthwhile cause. We are very proud to be the title sponsor for this very special event and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

I thought that the best way to introduce the background and philosophy of the Hungry Hungry Half Marathon would be from the creator’s mouth herself, Sarah Carson:

“After running a half marathon in the pouring rain, in a homemade Kraft Dinner Costume made out of cardboard, I decided I wanted to organize my own run. There is something to be said about the spirit of a race. The nervous energy you have before it starts, where everyone is both excited and scared, combined with watching people overcome their own challenges and limitations to get up off of the couch, is both invigorating and inspiring. Once the idea had set in my brain, I began talking to my fellow runners. What did they like best about races? What did they like least? I wanted this to be a fun event – something where first time runners would feel comfortable, and where seasoned runners could actually find 21.1 km of enjoyment. This led me to the route. The Hungry Hungry Half had to have beautiful views to showcase the best in Kelowna, while being easy enough to not break any spirits. Our route follows Rails and Trails, up to Knox Mountain, where you’ll see a beautiful view of the city, down to the waterfront, and back. Along the route, you’ll find yummy snacks that you normally don’t see on race days, and you’ll be treated to live music from some of Kelowna’s best locals. The biggest decision for this race for me, was where to donate the proceeds. Over the summer months, donations to the Kelowna Community Food Bank are at yearly lows. The food from Christmas is running out, and we have more people in need than ever with transient populations moving in. What better a cause to support than one that provides the very fuel we all need to survive? Aspire Health & Performance is the perfect sponsor for this event. They are a local company, dedicated to making you be the best version of you that you can be. They train local and world class athletes, while supporting community businesses and initiatives. Because of their support, we will ensure that the Kelowna Community Food Bank receives a generous donation from the run, and that runners have a great place to go to start their training regime. The Aspire Health & Performance Hungry Hungry Half will be a run that not only raises money to help out the Kelowna Community Food Bank at its time of need, but also encourages people to challenge themselves physically. It’s an excuse to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and beautiful views, hear some live music, eat some tasty local treats, and support your community. We look forward to seeing you all there!” — Sarah Carson

Registration is starting to fill up fast. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this amazing day. Please check out the website or like the Facebook page at If you’d like to hear how we can help you to achieve your goal in the race, please do not hesitate to give us a call.




Shane Pizzey MKin, CSCS, CEP

Director of Sports Sciences