About Andrew LoCurto

Andrew has been working with Aspire Health and Performance since its opening in the fall of 2013. His passion lies in the area of movement enhancement and elite performance. He takes the approach of treating all of his clients as athletes while becoming a partner throughout their journey to success. Andrew is continuously in search for the most effective training methods to help his athletes compete at their very best.

Baby Got Back

…Or they may be dealing with Extension/Compression Stabilization Strategy…

What does that even mean? Developed through the network of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Dr. Pavel Kolar introduces a new perspective on intra abdominal pressure. Explained in great detail by Dr. Richard Ulm, the ECSS has been cued, coached and over performed by athletes so much now […]

Exercise of the month- Romanian Deadlift

Today I would like to introduce to you the all so under-rated exercise that is the Deadlift’s cousin, the Romanian Deadlift!  And since it has a European country in its name it has to be great doesn’t it?!  This is also known as a stiff legged deadlift, but Romanian sounds so much more bad ass.

Let […]

When A Strength Coach Becomes A Joint Mechanic…

“I played everything. I played lacrosse, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field. I was a big believer that you played hockey in the winter and when the season was over you hung up your skates and played something else.”~Wayne Gretzky
As if this quote from The Great One isn’t enough to get your attention! This topic […]

Here’s A New One

This one goes out to the lifters who are having trouble with exercise selection. This will be just a quick tip to help you narrow your focus in the weight room.

Strength training can take on many different identities however the core focus should always be the same. MOVEMENT QUALITY. Our bodies have the innate ability […]

Jingle Bells and Barbells

With the holidays upon us, mixed with the cold weather and potential snow here in Kelowna, the idea of safety came to mind. Recently at the Aspire Training Centre I have been working with athletes and clients who are new to lifting and or dealing with shoulder issues. With many new, eager athletes present at […]

Train Power for Endurance?

A couple of months ago you I spoke to you about the reasons for including power in your training. This week I thought I would continue that thought with respect to endurance athletes… WHAT?! Yup, training power in endurance athletes is a strategy you can use to enhance your ability to run a marathon or […]

Your Training Investment

Welcome to Aspire Health and Performance.

No fixed terms, no line ups, and best of all, we are science based! What does that mean? All of our coaches don’t show up to our jobs, we come to perform. How is this different from other gyms? First off, we are not a gym, we are a training […]

Why Train for Power

The definition of power as per livestrong.com is:

“the amount of work performed per unit of time. Power is an element of skill-related fitness that is needed to excel in athletic performance. Increased strength does not always translate into increased power. For example, a strong upper body lifts a high amount of weight. However a strong […]


Why am I not losing weight, I train so hard? I thought physical activity was supposed to increase my energy levels, not make me tired?

Believe it or not, it could be something as simple as your sleeping pattern that is stopping you from getting to your end goal. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ or ‘the […]