About Jon Rowe

Jon loves training volleyball players – but really ALL jumping athletes! Power development is a training attribute that he continues to research, and he desires to push all his clients to become more powerful and reach higher heights. Jon has also focused his training skills on rehabilitation clients. Believing that good, quality movement will lead to reduced stress on aggravated or injured tissue and place it on the right tissue, Jon’s individual and specialized assessments on posture and position help guide his clients toward better movement, and most importantly, pain free movement.

Taking the Time

In our culture of fast paced, technology driven, high speed, no waiting for anything, instant gratification, how often does that mentality creep into our training sessions? There is no doubt that the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fad is in full swing in the fitness industry, but are cultural trends deafening the sound that sport […]

“I Heard It Through the Grape Vine”

Advertising annoys me. When you have enough money in your advertising budget you can make your ads say whatever you want. And if you say it enough times, regardless of its truth or benefit, people will start to believe it.

Every time I watch commercials and see ads for pain killers it drives me nuts. “Don’t […]

Do No Harm

I recently conducted an assessment on a client who had been through some pretty amazing circumstances. On three separate occasions she was t-boned on the driver’s side, all by drunk drivers, and as she was trying to get back into being physically active, she went through three separate personal trainers. The first trainer thought she […]

Ever Had Your Nuts Crushed?

I love squatting.  I want you to think a little bit differently about it for this post.


All my clients do it during our course of training because of its applicability to everyday living, and its translation to vertical jump performance for my volleyball athletes. We all find ways to naturally squat as we have to […]

CMI/AP Positional Considerations

We recently posted an article that suggested a link between femoralacetabular impingement (FAI) and core muscular injury/athletic pubalgia (CMI-AP). In today’s post we wanted to highlight just a few considerations for treating this situation with the understanding that this is just one approach to manage the issues related to both areas.

It is important to understand, […]

Serratus Your Balls and Sockets

In a previous post (here) I wrote about how the serratus anterior can change rib cage position, which can change pelvic position, which will allow better position for the glutes to fire, and, thus, function more optimally. I want to continue that train of thought today, but instead of starting at serratus and going down, […]

Lifestyle Clients Are Our Lifeblood

Man, this industry is tough. I know that each of us could make a claim that our industry is tough. I’m still a relative newbie in the field of strength and conditioning; at least, I consider myself a newbie and feel I need so much more practice and experience. As time goes on and I […]

Serratus Your Ass

What is becoming common place in the strength and conditioning world is that we have begun to talk more about chains of muscles, rather than isolating one muscle in particular. As our understanding of fascia increases and our depth of knowledge deepens with laboratory measurements of muscle and movement, we begin to understand how human […]

Shut It Down

Often as strength coaches and personal trainers we are in the business of building up. We love to turn muscle and nerves on; we love to build up strength and speed; we love to facilitate. Of course these are great things and most everybody needs some form of strength development. What type of strength is […]

Biosteel for Pregos

Time is moving especially quick for me these days because three months ago my wife and I had our third baby. I won’t go into much detail about my wife’s pregnancy or births, so no worries there; but what I want to talk about is how my wife’s use of a few Biosteel products significantly […]