Time is moving especially quick for me these days because three months ago my wife and I had our third baby. I won’t go into much detail about my wife’s pregnancy or births, so no worries there; but what I want to talk about is how my wife’s use of a few Biosteel products significantly improved both her pregnancy and recovery.


DISCLAIMER: this is only anecdotal evidence and Biosteel as a company does not specifically endorse what I am about to say. Please, if you are pregnant and considering Biosteel products, consult your doctor or midwife before consuming.


I will start by saying that all three of our children have been c-sections. With our first we had this perfect birth plan that, during the course of over 20 hours of active labour, went out the window. All those women who have had children can give a collective groan at remembering active labour. Thankfully our boy was born without any complications, but recovery for my wife took a number of months. It took about 6 or 7 months for her to begin to feel somewhat better and normal, and recovery still continued after those months. We didn’t really know about Biosteel during this pregnancy, nor thought much about it for recovery.


With our second my wife was nauseous and/or vomiting for her entire pregnancy. Yay! Again, collective groan. As I’m sure any women who has had nausea during pregnancy can attest, eating certain and specific types of food is just not going to happen. By this time we had had much more exposure to Biosteel products, so we took the Pink Drink (High Performance Sports Drink, HPSD), to her doctor to see if it would be alright for my wife to drink. The doctor said it would be perfect, so we found a way to keep some nutrients down in a cold drink – something my wife absolutely LOVES. The branch chain amino acids helped to keep a steady energy level, as best you can with being pregnant and having another child. There are also electrolytes abundant, so keeping a moderate level of hydration and electrolyte balance was possible, despite getting sick on a nearly daily basis.


Time went along and labour started but stopped, so we had a planned c-section for our second. Thankfully, again, our girl was born without any complications, and recovery for this baby was much better. Since I knew more about Biosteel at this time, I wanted my wife to take the Advanced Recovery Formula because it contains amino acids that work towards rebuilding tissue, specifically glutamine and leucine. Since her abdominal wall and uterus were cut through, I thought this would be a great way to help speed along recovery, and to help her tissues become stronger. My wife was feeling in 3 or 4 months what she was feeling at about 6 or 7 with our son.


Fast forward to our third baby. Pregnancy was harsh again, but we were fully on the Biosteel HPSD train by then. One thing my wife noticed with her third pregnancy was that the HPSD helped to curb her sugar cravings, which meant she was snacking on chocolate far less during pregnancy. As well, since she wasn’t able to keep much food down, we started to integrate the Whey Protein into her breakfasts so that she was at least getting a decent dose of protein on a daily basis. The c-section went swimmingly and we had our second daughter, and my wife’s recovery took about 2 months this time. The doctors say you cannot lift anything over the weight of the baby for the first six weeks, but that is a little difficult when you have two other children clawing for your attention.


Now we are three months out from baby number three, and every morning my wife still has that icy, cold drink she loves, and it’s still Biosteel. It’s the Whey Protein and she puts a scoop of the vanilla in with her iced coffee (DON’T use hot coffee: heat denatures protein.  Also, it curdles and doesn’t mix!). She doesn’t need to add sugar as the protein has enough sweetness, and she’s not great at eating breakfast either, but at least she is getting a healthy dose of protein every morning. That’s helping her other eating habits throughout the rest of the day, and she also said it was a great way to get something good in her body as she is now a busy mom with three kids.