Sport Athletic Training

Your dedication to your sporting dream is mirrored in our dedication to help you achieve it.

From Football to Figure Skating, athletes need to be trained in a systematic fashion. We will get you the results that you need to progress your playing career. Whether that is securing a scholarship or playing at the pro level, training with us is your best option.

Please call 778-478-FITT (3488) for more information on pricing.

Individual Training Sessions

Working with our coaches one on one will ensure that you are maximizing your investment in your training. We will create a customized plan that encompasses all aspects of human performance and determine the best avenues to get you your results. Under our watchful eye and expert guidance, you will get more out of your training and become the athlete that you aspire to be.

Small Group Training Sessions

If you want the benefits of personal training, but you would like to train with friends and/or family, then our group training is the answer. Group training can stoke the competitive fire and lead all the members to unheard of results. Group training is a great way to socialize with friends and exercise together. Group training can be a cost effective way to reap the benefits of personal training. Call us; we may even have a few solos looking to join a group. Groups of 2, 3, or 4 people can train together.

Program Design

Still want results without working one on one with one of our coaches? A personalized, periodized program that balances skill development, physical training, mental coaching, nutrition and recovery might be right for you. Let us design for you a scientifically founded program in which each training session has a specific purpose. This is how the best athletes in the world train; and it’s how you should too. Includes unlimited communication with your coach, and continually updated programs.

Body Composition

Tracking how your body composition is progressing over a training block can provide very useful information. We can track the effectiveness of our program design as well as your nutrition strategies.

Aspire Health & Performance is a sports science company devoted to the health and performance of each of our clients. What sets us apart in the training industry is our education and experience.


Phone: 778-478-3488
Email: [email protected]

#150 – 2233 Leckie Rd.
Kelowna, BC

Same building as Kaltire

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