Today’s guest blog post is brought to us from Anthony Donskov of Donskov Strength & Conditioning based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Anthony’s model of training very closely resembles ours here at Aspire Health & Performance.  I have followed Anthony’s blog for a while and I am constantly picking up a few things on how to make our training better.

For anyone who might be in the Columbus area, I highly recommend contacting him and making Donskov S&C your training home.  One of his coaches, Kyle Bangen and I go way back to 1999 when we started our degrees in Kamloops, BC at the University College of the Caribou (now known as Thompson Rivers University); small world indeed.

Following up on our last post on what to look for in a summer hockey training program, Anthony discusses reasons why it is not ideal to do Crossfit all summer to train for your hockey career.

I could not have said it any better.  Thank you Anthony for the guest post, and remember, your next season starts now!





Shane Pizzey  MKin, CSCS, CEP

Director of Sports Sciences.

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