The Science and Art Of Coaching

FMS.  SFMA.  PRI.  DNS.  NKT.  Most reading this blog will have no idea what these letters stand for, nor any clue on how they can be beneficial to them.  To clarify, these are acronyms for some of the most popular certifications available to us in the health & performance industry.  It is clear that formal […]

Here’s A New One

This one goes out to the lifters who are having trouble with exercise selection. This will be just a quick tip to help you narrow your focus in the weight room.

Strength training can take on many different identities however the core focus should always be the same. MOVEMENT QUALITY. Our bodies have the innate ability […]

Introducing Precision Nutrition Pro Coach

As I sat down to write this blog, I came across a post I wrote just over a year ago and my heart smiled.  I remember exactly how I felt the day I wrote it and I still feel that way about my team.  Every day the affinity to them grows stronger.

The words are simple, […]

Resolution 911

It’s January 22nd, 2017, and according to statistics, approximately 8% of you that brought in the New Year with empowering declarations that 2017 was in fact ‘your year’, have actually stuck to your resolutions. The rest of us that stood there by you confetti laden and champagne soaked have not.

So why bother?

Goals setting is imperative […]

Introducing David Skermer/Aspire Ambassador

At Aspire Health & Performance we pride ourselves on seeing our clients achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be.  We have been fortunate enough to support many athletes and non-athletes alike along their journey.

Over the next 3 years, we will be supporting a very deserving athlete on his goal to […]

New Year, New You?

It’s that time of year that we will invariably see an overload of social media posts claiming “New Year, New You”.  To this I say malarkey.

New Year’s resolutions.  We’ve all made them.  We’ve all broken them.  It’s the time of year where we take stock in our deficiencies while we wallow in our self-induced hyperglycemic […]

FAI Exercises

So far we have shared with you a video that introduced you to Core Muscle Injury (CMI)/Athletic Pubagia & Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI).  We followed that up with an in-depth scientific article that explained in clinical terms what these injuries are, and then blew your mind with Coach Rowe’s views on how he handles these […]

CMI/AP Positional Considerations

We recently posted an article that suggested a link between femoralacetabular impingement (FAI) and core muscular injury/athletic pubalgia (CMI-AP). In today’s post we wanted to highlight just a few considerations for treating this situation with the understanding that this is just one approach to manage the issues related to both areas.

It is important to understand, […]

Jingle Bells and Barbells

With the holidays upon us, mixed with the cold weather and potential snow here in Kelowna, the idea of safety came to mind. Recently at the Aspire Training Centre I have been working with athletes and clients who are new to lifting and or dealing with shoulder issues. With many new, eager athletes present at […]

Serratus Your Balls and Sockets

In a previous post (here) I wrote about how the serratus anterior can change rib cage position, which can change pelvic position, which will allow better position for the glutes to fire, and, thus, function more optimally. I want to continue that train of thought today, but instead of starting at serratus and going down, […]