Being Present

The holiday season is quickly approaching, a fact that is all too easy to see when you walk in to any department store chain (Note: I prefer to not decorate until after another VERY important holiday has been observed, that being Remembrance Day {Veterans Day for our American friends; sorry}). Invariably one movie that will […]

Forged by Steel

Competition:  the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc.: the rivalry offered by a competitor.

I have lived my entire life under the guise of competition, we all have.  We compete for most everything in life; admissions to post-secondary institutions, for employment opportunities, and in our sporting/recreation endeavors.  I firmly believe that learning about competition and how to compete at an early age is crucial for future development […]

Lifestyle Clients Are Our Lifeblood

Man, this industry is tough. I know that each of us could make a claim that our industry is tough. I’m still a relative newbie in the field of strength and conditioning; at least, I consider myself a newbie and feel I need so much more practice and experience. As time goes on and I […]

Train Power for Endurance?

A couple of months ago you I spoke to you about the reasons for including power in your training. This week I thought I would continue that thought with respect to endurance athletes… WHAT?! Yup, training power in endurance athletes is a strategy you can use to enhance your ability to run a marathon or […]

‘Swipe Right’ On Yourself…

I’m addicted to social media.

Now I know you are waiting for some witty sarcastic commentary to follow, but I am dead serious.  I’m pretty sure I could use the extra time I spend in my day checking the red, orange, pink notifications to get the insta rush that someone liked, loved, reacted to, one of […]

Your Training Investment

Welcome to Aspire Health and Performance.

No fixed terms, no line ups, and best of all, we are science based! What does that mean? All of our coaches don’t show up to our jobs, we come to perform. How is this different from other gyms? First off, we are not a gym, we are a training […]

Serratus Your Ass

What is becoming common place in the strength and conditioning world is that we have begun to talk more about chains of muscles, rather than isolating one muscle in particular. As our understanding of fascia increases and our depth of knowledge deepens with laboratory measurements of muscle and movement, we begin to understand how human […]

Love Yourself First…

Hey.  How are you?

Fine thanks.

And there it is.  One of the thousands of little white lies that we tell each other every day.

The truth is, most of us ask that question out of social conditioning and really aren’t prepared for an authentic answer.

How are you?

“Today sucks ass and I kinda wanna throw myself in front […]

Choosing a Quality Summer Hockey Program

As we have passed the Ides of March, it signals that the hockey season is soon coming to an end.  Minor hockey provincials have been completed and junior hockey leagues are well into their playoffs.  We are in the stretch run of North American professional hockey (many leagues in Europe have finished) and are about […]

Why Train for Power

The definition of power as per is:

“the amount of work performed per unit of time. Power is an element of skill-related fitness that is needed to excel in athletic performance. Increased strength does not always translate into increased power. For example, a strong upper body lifts a high amount of weight. However a strong […]