Hey.  How are you?

Fine thanks.

And there it is.  One of the thousands of little white lies that we tell each other every day.

The truth is, most of us ask that question out of social conditioning and really aren’t prepared for an authentic answer.

How are you?

“Today sucks ass and I kinda wanna throw myself in front of a bus.  Thanks for asking.”

Ya.  Awkward right?  But I will never tell you I’m ‘fine’ if I’m not.

We have this insane need for everyone to believe that we are living the perfectly manicured life.  The perfect dream.  Perfect relationship.  Perfect job…

Just stop…

We need to start asking questions that matter and answer in kind.

The thing is, I want to live an authentic life.  All in.  If you ask me who I am, what I want, how I am, be prepared.  And trust me.  Most like the idea of me.  Few can actually handle the reality of me.  But I am raw and I am real.  And I AM living the life I want.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I am a work in progress.  But I am on my way…

How many people do you know, and I suspect yourself as well, are leading a life that is pretty good.  Still,  you wake and you don’t feel that fire in your chest, that passion that lights you up inside every single day.  You’re happy, but there is a longing for something you can’t quite name, or maybe you can.   So here it is.  Here’s my truth.

Love yourself first…

Simple like quantum physics right?  Right now there is something that you want.  Something you’ve always dreamed of doing.  But you don’t.  Because your life is pretty good and you feel like you ‘should’ be happy.  Anyone else would kill to have your life.  But guess what.  That’s another one of those bullshit lies we tell ourselves to maintain the walls we’ve built around our comfort zone.  Our ego, driven by fear, tells us that our friends won’t support us if we tell them we are not 100% happy.  That we are selfish.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Nobody get to have it all.

You can’t have everything.  But you can have what you want.


If there is something that your heart truly desires, you can manifest it into your life.

I am in no way suggesting that if you’ve had an unrequited crush that you can voodoo your way into his/her life, that’s not what I am suggesting at all.  But think about the feeling that you want from that and that is possible.  Just trust the timing of your life, that everything will fall into place and manifest in ways that you never imagined.

Love yourself first.

This takes patience.  It takes practice.  But you’re so worth the effort.  And when you begin this journey, this authentic relationship with yourself, all of your other relationships will wither become stronger or fall away.  Let it happen.  Those that truly want what’s best for you won’t always understand your choices.  But they will understand that they are yours to make.

As a strength coach, this is the cornerstone of all that I believe and impart to my clients.  If they are not achieving their strength/nutritional goals with me, this is why.  They have competing priorities that are not allowing them to lead the most authentic life that they need to be successful.   My mantra for them will always remain the same…


Love yourself first…


Much Love and Light,

Roberta J Gizen BHK, CPT, PN1


**Note:  I was so very fortunate to spend my NYE with Chelsea Ray for “’A Conscious New Year’s Eve’…a life well lived”.  This night was the catalyst for much of the content of this blog.  I would like to thank Chelsea for bringing forth the realization that I was not in fact broken, that it was just my soul cracking open to new life.