Why is it that injuries can be difficult to overcome? And other injuries seem to linger around for the rest of your life like that old football knee?

When you get injured everyone only seems to focus on the actually injury itself whether it be a sprain, muscle tear, dislocation of a joint, or getting in a motor vehicle accident.  We go to our practitioner of choice, they work their magic and the pain slowly seems to go away.  When it comes back we are left thinking why is this not getting better, it is just a little ankle sprain and now my back is hurting?

The answer is that anytime you have an injury whether it is that ankle sprain or even had a surgery to get a mole removed (and yes any little surgery does count as a injury) neurologically it becomes a nightmare.  Your body becomes unaware of that area and biomechanically you are unable to receive the proper feedback from the injury site to have your muscles work efficiently.  How can this help you?

My name is David Skermer and when I am not training as an athlete ambassador for Aspire Health and Performance I am working as a Registered Massage Therapist at Lifemark Physiotherapy on Richter Street Kelowna.  I use an assessment based modality called Neurokinetic Therapy which is a series of specific muscle tests that help break down movement patterns and motor control.  The beauty of NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) is that you as the patient receive almost instant feedback in bringing proprioceptive awareness to your injury.  Once we have got to the root of your injury I am able to use my own modalities as a massage therapist to treat the affected area, and get you on your way back to a healthy, happy lifestyle without that lingering ankle sprain.  The principles of NKT can be used to treat anything from common soft tissue injuries to TMJ, migraines, and concussions.

If you are interested in receiving your first NKT assessment please feel free to contact David at Lifemark Physiotherapy (250-762-3322) or book an appointment online at https://booking.lifemark.ca/OnlineBooking/index/?locationID=10201&serviceId=10011.


David Skermer, RMT